Canyon of the River Cijevna

Cijevna Canyon is situated in the south-eastern area of Montenegro, eastwards from Podgorica. The depth of the canyon drops off as it goes towards the west to end in the Dinoša village, where the river turns into the plain river. The canyon is the deepest in the borderline area with Albania, where on certain spots on the right bank it is probably over 1200m deep. The depth then continues growing further on in Albania. 
The crags in the canyon are of the limestone type, a typical Dinarides karst. At the entrance to the canyon and in its first western section the rocks are lower, with the height of up to some 30 metres. The height of the rocks grows as one enters further into the canyon towards the east. Those are the highest in the borderline area, where the depth of the canyon is the greatest. Those have various heights, up to over 100m. One of such crags is Sokolova stijena(Falcon Rock) in the Zatrijebač village, with the width of about 300m and the height of 150m. You can reach above the crag by car. The approach can't be better and easier - 10 minutes downhill! There are no data that someone has climbed in the Cijevna Canyon.