Morača Canyon

Moraca River is one of most beautiful river canyon in Montenegro which separates Moracke Planine range from Sinjajevina Mountain range. Moraca River originates in northern Montenegro, under Rzaca mountain, at the height of 975 meters. In the Kolašin region, the Moraca’s tributaries are the Koštanica, Sjevernica, Trnovacka Rijeka /River/, Javorski Potok /Brook/, and the Slatina, on the Mrtvica, Ibrištica, Ratnja, and the Slatina, on the left, and the Mrtvica, Ibrištica, Ratnja and the Požanjski Potok on the right. Apart from the Moraca’s Platije Canyon, its right-hand tributary the Mrtvica also flows, for the most part of its length, trough a lesser known high canyon of breathtaking beauty. The region of the Moraca River Canyon features the steep slopes of the terrain intersected with deep gorges and canyons.