Sutomore is a small town near Bar and his beach along with Canj beach makes Pearl Coast of Montenegro. At Ratac peninsula are the ruins of the Benedictine Monastery of St. Marija (Mary) from 11th century, known by the name of the Bogorodica (Virgin) Ratacka. From the Middle Ages there are forts Golo Brdo (Tabia) and Haj-Nehaj. Church of St. Tekle from 13th century, 
which is located in the city and it is famous for its two altars (Orthodox and Catholic). Sutomore is small but highly visited tourist destination, 
with rich entertainment, hotels, restaurants, bars. Canj is a small tourist village between Petrovac and Sutomore. Except the beach, 
which attracts with its beauty, there are the hotel and resort that are suitable for children's tours.