Tivat is a city and port situated on the eastern coast of the Bokakotorska Bay. Archaeological research has shown that even in ancient times there was a settlement where today Tivat is. Named after the Illyrian Queen Teuta, which is even in the 3rd century, had a summerhouse and garden there. In the middle ages, it became a resort of Kotor nobility and there are numerous villas and summerhouses preserved from that period. In 1551, family Bolic, built the chapel of St. Roko, and in 1900, at the site of a small chapel they built the church. Tivat is also known by the city park, a small oasis right in the middle of the city, in which seamen brought rare specimens of various plant species. The construction of a modern marina for luxury yachts, Porto Montenegro, the city has become attractive for many lovers of these luxury "pets" (yachts). In addition to the port and the airport makes this city a very important initial destination of tourists from around the world. Tivat has three islands: ISLAND of FLOWERS (PREVLAKA) is famous for its Church of St. Trinity, which was constructed by Ekaterina Vlastelinovic and after losing her husband, she spent her life as a nun in that Church. In 12th century, St. Sava set the chair of the Bishop of Zeta at the place of Benedictine Monastery and built a Monastery dedicated to St. Archangel Mihajilo. ISLAND of ST. MARKO (STRADIOTI) is located opposite the Island of Flowers and has a 400m long beach. Island is known for its numerous bays and olives. ISLAND of LADY OF MERCY is an island situated only 800 meters from the mainland and there is a Church of Our Lady of Mercy dedicated to the Conception of the Virgin Mary, made in the second half of the 15th century. UPPER LASTVA is located on the hill Vrmac between Kotor and Tivat Bay. Houses, built of stone, have been preserved, since the 19th century, and since then there is rural olive mill that even today, using human power, process olives. From the 14th century, there is a parish Church of St. Mary with numerous relics, and older than that Churc there is the Church of Sv. Vida (St. Vitus), built in the 9th century and is located on the hill above the upper Lastva. TIVATSKA SOLILA Solila area is located in the swampy part of the coastal area of Tivat bay and covers unused floodplain in the area of Grbaljsko field. 60 years ago, in that area, activation of salt factory was planed, with built crystallization basins, with drainage systems and distribution channels and communication embankments However, it didn't started to work. Solila is fragmented and size of each pool is about 3 acres (150x200m). Total area of the lagoon is about 150 ha. Two rivers belong to Solila basin Siroka and Koložun.