Danilo Baletic, sculptor

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04.07.2014. Exhibition of sculptures Danila Baletić called "Transformers kept Podgorica" ​​will be placed within the "Podgoričko summer of 2014."
From 8 to 23 July will be set on the Transformers seven different locations in Podgorica. The last sculpture, 13 feet tall, will be set up on 23 July at the Republic Square with the official opening of the exhibition followed by a performance specially prepared for the occasion.
The basic concept of this exhibition is the revival and transformation of waste through a creative approach and work to create items that are useful.
Danilo Baletić using scrap metal sculptures made ​​seven Transformers. The first sculptures made ​​of metal which is made ​​by young Baletić was "Ekotron" Transformers six feet tall, and weighs two tons, which was presented at the Durmitor art eco festival in August 2012.. This sculpture is the audience could see the parking area of the shopping center Delta City in Podgorica last year, as the project was presented at the "Remake" festival in Berlin.