Skadarsko jezero

Two-thirds of the surface of the Skadar lake belongs to Montenegro and one third belongs to Albania. In 1983, the part of the lake that belongs to Montenegro, was declared for a national park. Apart from being rich in plants, fish and birds there are unique types of wetland vegetation. There are around 30 places in this lake that are below sea level and are called sublakustricni springs or eyes and the deepest eye is Radus - 60m below the sea level. Over 264 bird species have found their habitat right on Lake Skadar. There are 50 smaller islands with numerous cultural and historical monuments. There are monasteries: Monastery Moracnik from the reign of Balsa III and Monastery Starcevo and many smaller Churches. On a hill above the lake is the town – fortress Zabljak built in the Middle Ages. There are remains of the town Obod where was the first printing house in this part of Europe. Besides the city - fortress Zabljak there are the Fortress Lesendra (8th century), near the Monastery Ostros is well from 1001, which still serves its purpose. Monastery Kom was founded by the family Crnojevic on the Mountain Odrinjska from 1415 to 1427. VIRPAZAR Place on Skadar Lake, which was once an important commercial center in Montenegro. Today is interesting for tourists, especially in December, when there is a gastronomic event "Days of bleak fish and wine". -RIJEKA CRNOJEVICA This town iss known for its fine wine and rich vineyards. The river, which has the same name as the town, is 13 km long and there are many islands, of which the best known is Odrinjska mount. Rijeka Crnojevica is referred to as the birthplace of the painter Petar Lubarda (1907 - 1974).